A7 Memobottle – 180 ml

A7 Memobottle – 180 ml
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A7 Memobottle – 180 ml


The A7 memobottle™ is the smallest version of the Memobottle family. Even if you are only bringing a small cloth or handbag, you can now stay hydrated throughout your day off shopping. The small size makes it easy to grab and hold even for our  little ones.

Like every Memobottle™, the A7 Memobottle is BPA free and was created to be practical and environmental friendly water bottle. The founders of Memobottle™ changed people’s way of thinking about bottles by designing a revolutionary shaped bottle. This functional asset is the bottle that fits and doesn’t disturb where all the others would.

Your Memobottle™ comes with both a white and a black lid. To clean it, you can simply use warm water but make sure to keep your Memobottle™ away from dishwashers and carbonated liquids in order to keep the product’s life quality.

Good to know

Max temperature, what the bottle can handle is 50 °C
Made out of BPA-Free Plastic
Capacity: 180 ml
Dimensions: 137mm x 74mm x 30mm

#factbox - BPA free - what does it mean?

BPA stands for a bisphenol A, which is a chemical that has been used for producing plastic and metal containers for over 50 years now. BPA is used for containers that hold food and beverages.

The concern is that BPA seeps into the foodstuffs and can have health effects on important organs like the brain.
You may now ask yourself why BPA still isn’t prohibited if it is as dangerous as we claim.
The answer to that is the usual one: If we look back historically it has always been like that. Data and proof have been available but humanity slow to change. One example for that would be how Alice Stewart (epidemiologist) demonstrated the link between the practice of using x-rays during pregnancies and increased child death. Unfortunately, it took 50 years until the practice finally was banned.


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