Puffer Jackets – The puffier the better

Puffer Jackets – The puffier the better
2017-11-14 Tamara Kocsis

On a chilly day there is nothing better than wrapping  yourself up in a cozy blanket, with your fluffy socks on your feet and holding a big mug of hot choco in your hands. Wearing a puffer jacket gives you the same feeling, the difference is that you can step out of your apartment into the cold reality, so that you can go out with your friends for a hot chocolate. Girls always hesitate between being fashionable and wearing comfy clothes that will keep them warm. Now, here is the solution to all your problems: puffer jackets.

You should consider finding in time the perfect coat for winter because Nr.1 typical winter weather conditions arrive well before the season starts, Nr.2 it’s the piece of clothing that is seen most on you. As a reason of which the safest investment is a coat, but not whatever outerwear, a puffer jacket or a padded longline. In this article, you will read more about the former and we will show you a few shops you can buy them from.

There’s only one golden rule when you are looking for a puffer jacket in the stores: the puffier, the better. Everything else is up to you. Luckily, there’s a wide range on the market, but you have to be careful to invest in quality fashion brands, such as Whistles, from the UK. They dare to play with the different materials. Like, have you ever seen a puffer jacket made of velvet? You would definitely turn heads walking down the street in this jacket. If you cannot help but go for one made of the usual material, you can still play your cards right with the way you choose colors. Besides the classic dark shades, Whistles designs colorblocking and abstract printed puffers.  Mustard, dark blue and black- these contrasting colors would surely stand out on a cold gray day.


One of our favorite Hungarian brands, Nanushka, has given a fresh update to the coat and jacket trends. Their HIDE – Puffer jacket is made of vegan leather and it is available in three different colors, including pearl pink. HIDE can be personalized in more ways than you could imagine. You can go chic, experimenting or casual. If you have bought the right puffer jacket, then you can’t fail in styling it.

 We prefer keeping it simple when putting together an outfit:  black ankle boots or white sneakers, mom jeans, jumper with turtle neck and occasionally, a beanie. This is how we would style a Cubus puffer, or any other. This way you cannot go wrong. In case you are the go-stylish-or-go-home type, then we recommend you to wear your jacket off-shoulder, to give your look a casual feminine vibe. On the top of that, there’s another category: puffers featuring a detachable multi-way quilted scarf detail for proficient puffer jacket wearers.


See? Staying warm and stylish at the same time during winter is just as easy  as ABC. Finding the perfect jacket that suits you might be a bit challenging, but once you have it, you’re given free rein in customizing it. Be yourself and sweep people off their feet! Just don’t forget one thing: the puffier, the better!  😉