CPHFW AW18 – Follow the Copenhagen Fashion Week here!

CPHFW AW18 – Follow the Copenhagen Fashion Week here!
2018-02-05 info@rndm.hu

Here we go again for the Copenhagen Fashion Week.

It has become a tradition for us to participate in one of the biggest Nordic fashion events: CPHFW! From 30th January to 2nd February, we joined the shows and events to report to you our very exciting adventure! The CPHFW AW18 season treated us very well, which is why we are excited to share this experience with you. This time, we had Jonna, our energetic Editor in Chief, leading our team. Alongside Priszci, our stylist, she managed to attend almost all of the shows. A few other team members, Greta, Réka, and Anett also checked in for some of the events and shows.

Let’s dig into the hottest catwalk trends and the coolest street styles of the Scandinavian capital! If you are the impatient kinda person, just make sure to check out our insta story for a few impressions from behind the scenes and more. 🙂

Get the vibe from our Vlog! 🙂

January 30 – First things first!

Kicking of with Designers' Nest

The first show to kick off Copenhagen Fashion Week A/W 18 for us at UPTOSTYLE was Designers’ Nest. Designers Nest is an international platform and award for Nordic design graduates, where the upcoming designers get to show their handcraft to influential fashion buyers and designers. The winner of the 2018’s Designer’s Nest award was the Finnish Axel Enqvist with his sustainable collection in the shades of beige, white and military green. We got a word with Axel, who simply expressed the feeling of happiness and overwhelm after the win. “It was very unexpected but so worth the 4 months of work I put in to create my collection. Now I’m heading back to Oslo, Norway where I live.”

Axel celebrating in the backstage

pictures from khio.no

Another talented designer who caught our attention was the Hungarian designer Luca Levai. It was during her trip to Down Under where she experienced the contrast between western fast fashion and the aboriginal simple culture. “The aboriginal culture’s earthy and down to earth way of living inspired me very much”.

Luca’s collection is bold and contrasted with black and red and heavy materials. She surely succeeded in catching the Aboriginal culture and put it on the fashion map. We at UPTOSTYLE are assured that the future is bright for this talent. Already tomorrow in day two of Copenhagen fashion week next show is awaiting for Luca. We’re wishing her all the best!

After the show we headed to one of the events we got invited:

Ace & Tate Event / Children of Graceland

If you’ve never owned a pair of glasses, I’ll ensure you that you’ll want a pair now, with or without vision problems. The eyewear store Ace & Tate hosted an event in their chick little store in central Copenhagen. It quickly filled up with different fashion influencers and also just people who’re up for a good night out. Champagne was being served, music was filling out the atmosphere and almost every person had a try-out of cool pair of glasses, all whilst checking out the photography exhibition ‘Children of Graceland’ by Hayley Louisa Brown. We left more eager to get a pair of glasses than ever before!

January 31 – Highlight for the Menswear brands!

The second day of CPHFW AW18 was a bit different, since we mainly attended menswear shows during the day. We started  with MARTIN ASBJØRN Teenage Dirtbag collection at Bella Center.

Black, red, statement jewellery and Dr. Marten boots – is what stuck with our minds after Martin Asbjørn’s collection. Checked oversized old men’s trousers dressed the young men models who wore them as if they’d never wear anything else. The upper bodies were dressed in leather jackets in brown, red and black making a  contrast with silk and colorful T-shirts under it.  The collection was fresh and crispy regarding the current youngster styles but in the same time had a hint of conversatism by looking back to the menswear archives! Teenage Dirtbag has never looked this good before!

We continued our day with the UNIFORMS FOR THE DEDICATED show.
Black uniforms with red stripes on the side of the legs and on shoulders were the main signature for the autumn/winter 18 collection. As the men models walked down the runway in steady steps, their tops of their heads were situated under a black seaman’s hat with a small, white bow in the back. Overall, what you’d expect from the Swedish contemporary menswear label, but with a distinction on the details this season. At the end of the show, red peonies were handed out which brought every lady to the dream world of welcoming home the long missed navy heroes.

The only womenswear show we went this day was Freya Dalsjø! The amazing show took place in a well-known hipster area in the city center of Copenhagen during the Fashion Week. The hall was filled with famous bloggers and journalists prepared with their clicking cameras to get the right light. Right at the end of the runway, a female musician broke the noise by playing on the African-like drums, which created a unique experience. The new A/W18 collection of Freya Dalsjø came in minimalistic garments in white and yellow and in the colours of pastel and earthy nuances. The outfits were matched with colorful shoes with a crossing strap of feathers, which topped the full look. The whole collection was designed for comfort by the combination of different fabrics, the wide sleeves and the loose materials.

If there is one show we’ll never forget, it is the Han Kjøbenhavn a/w18 Show. When the sun set, we headed next to Bella Center and waited in a long long line between mud and fashionistas 🙂 When we entered the rural building,we knew immediately that the “Imperfect sanity”  show will be something special! In the center of the room was a cage with the four psychiatric patients lying in hospital beds with a kid-mobile of dolls above their head. Chills moved up the arms of the body as the expectation for what the show would entail rose. As the models embarked the runway it brought out minds back to reality, preparing us for next dark, Scandinavian winter. We saw layers on layers on the form on two pair trousers on top of each other and also layered sweatshirts. Quite occasionally came an outerwear garment in neon yellow that lit up the room. HAN Kjøbenhavn, you caught our attention yet again and we feel more ready than ever for next winter season.
Check our or own pictures in the gallery.

backstage pics by Kenneth Nguyen

After Han Kjøbenhavn we walked on the other side of the building for the next show.
‘Volume 4’ by Hærværk was more delayed than usual, and this of course made the audience somewhat restless and irritated. But once the show started the delay was forgotten and we were brought back to the times of our youth in the sand pit. The male models embarked the runway in well needed wellington boots, as the whole runway was covered in mud. The Danish word ‘Hærværk’ actually means ‘vandalism’ and is a well suited name for the brand, since the collection was rather controversial with several different clear colours attached as patched on the garments, and gave the impression of naive and rebellious youth. The whole concept of youth was therefore well presented in each look and created a red thread throughout the collection. The Danish Designer Niels Gundtoft has merited a Master’s degree at the Royal College of Art in London and surely knows how to catch a fashion eye’s attention. We can’t wait to see more from Hærværk in the future!

February 1st- Splash into the fashion pool!

We started out the third day of the week strong! Girl Power music in the background, attitude in colours and glitter from sparkling earrings – Morten USSING Show turned out to be one of our favourite shows this year. With high energy from the models and enthusiasms from the crowd, the season of a/w 18 is something out of the ordinary for a winter collection. Just because it is winter we don’t have to wear dark clothes. Morten Ussings feminine, long, satin and floral gowns were matched with sparkling statement earrings and silver lips. We promise, autumn 18 will not be a dull season!

Runway shots from the amazing  Flint’s Trove

If there was one show you did not want to miss this season it was the Designers Remix show. The expectation was high in the room with every important fashionista you can imagine. With a well thought through choreography the models appeared on the runway in between the big poles in the big warehouse. Each look came in three sets of the same material, with lots of checked patterns in the colours of pink, brown, yellow and grey. The fabric looked rather soft and flowy and created a sense of freedom as the oversized dresses were worn by the models. Black and tortilla coloured leather jackets and skirts in interesting cuts were worn and created stability over the rather loose gowns. Just as many other women’s clothing this season, the collection was colourful and playful rather than containing of the usual dark, winter colours. A Designer’s Remix show will never be missed from now on!

In the underground on the department store ILLUM, Heliot Emil lit up the rather dark car park with a full on runway, showing off their newest collection ‘Intended Consequences’. The unisex Scandinavian breathed collection consisted of dark shaded army inspired utility wear with attitude. Heliot Emil is a Copenhagen based brand made by the two brother Juuls. They launched their first collection in Milan spring/summer 17, and is therefore one of the newest brands during Copenhagen Fashion week. It is looking like the provocative brand that challenges various fabrics and production processes has a bright future. Keep a watch on Heliot Emil!

Catwalk pictures by Flint’s Trove !

With a deep beat from house music and models dancing all over the runway in front of a fully packed room, Elaine Hersby brought Copenhagen Fashion Week to another level. The runway was turned into a performance where the crowd was contributing in shouts of joy and appalauses. The long, oversized satin dresses worn by the diverse-shaped models had high slits, asymmetrical silhouettes and went in the colours violet, magenta, and black. If the models can dance around freely in the dresses, then you know that these are gowns you actually could wear when comfort and class is a needy combination.

Ju Ninelle VIKA táska
Ju Ninelle VIKA táska